Music Icons Unite for Jimmy Buffett Tribute at Hollywood Bowl

Published March 11, 2024

A constellation of music stars is poised to celebrate the life of Jimmy Buffett with a tribute concert. The legendary singer-songwriter, who passed away on September 1 due to complications from a rare skin cancer, will be honored at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The event, scheduled for Thursday, April 11, promises a night filled with memories and melodies encapsulating Buffett's vibrant career.

Keeping The Vibe Alive

The tribute, named Keep The Party Going: A Tribute to Jimmy Buffett, isn't just a concert—it's a homage to Buffett's enduring spirit and his embodiment of the easy-going, beach-loving lifestyle evoked through his music. Buffett was cherished by fans worldwide, known for his infectious folk, country, and Caribbean tunes that spanned over five decades. His hits such as “Margaritaville,” “Come Monday,” and “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” became anthems to a laid-back way of life, and his influence extended far beyond the stage as he also excelled as an author and entrepreneur.

Star-Studded Lineup

The event will feature a lineup of acclaimed artists, including Paul McCartney, Eagles, Jon Bon Jovi, and Zac Brown, among many others. These performers will take the stage to pay their respects and interpretations of Buffett’s signature songs. Collaboration is anticipated between these artists and Buffett's own Coral Reefer Band, assuring that the essence of his music will be faithfully represented.

Tickets for this can't-miss concert are set to go live to the public on Friday, March 15, through Ticketmaster, but American Express Card Members are offered a presale opportunity starting on March 13. As live performances are planned by renowned acts like Eagles, Zac Brown and Paul McCartney, the Hollywood Bowl will surely witness an evening of heartfelt performances in memory of Buffett.

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