Cuba’s Music Brings Joy to the World

Published January 16, 2024

Every day leads to the eagerly anticipated concert of Estrellas de Buenavista and other notable performances, set to take the stage at Sala Covarrubias of the National Theater on January 22. This global showcase will feature guest appearances by prominent new-generation soneros.

The Pulse of Cuban Traditional Music

Conversing with maestro Pancho Amat offers a glimpse into the heart of Cuban traditional music. Amat is not only known for his mastery of the Tres, a stringed instrument, but also for his creative and intellectual prowess and his leadership in preserving Cuba's musical heritage.

Fusing Traditions and Innovation

Amat notes that his group's aim is to blend the essence of Trova with Son. This combination respects the roots of Cuban music while avoiding becoming a stagnant museum piece. They pay great attention to the lyrics, aiming to weave poetry into their work while preserving the Cuban tradition of using evocative and culturally rich language.

Combating Musical Banality

The maestro criticizes the commercialization of music that lacks depth and beauty. He believes that true art comes from transforming daily life into something beautiful and champions the notion that music should be made with respect for the audience's intelligence.

Cultural Identity and Advancement

When discussing culture, Amat expresses concern for maintaining Cuban identity and questions whether there is progress or regression in cultural transmission during challenging times like the pandemic.

The Evolution of Cuban Music

Detailing his musical journey with groups such as Manguaré and later Adalberto's band, Amat shares how his approach to music has been influenced by his experiences and the need to preserve the authenticity of Son, a cornerstone of Cuban music evolution.

A New Chapter with Estrellas del Buena Vista

With the upcoming concert, Estrellas del Buena Vista aims to showcase the evolutionary capacity of traditional Cuban music. Guest musicians like Mayito Rivera and Alaín Pérez will join the stage, embodying the legacy and future of Cuban music.

Cuba’s Enduring Musical Gift to the World

Concluding his thoughts, Amat reflects on the global impact of Cuban music, noting its power to unite and bring happiness to people everywhere.

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