Bad Bunny Initiates Legal Action Against Fan for Unauthorized Concert Footage

Published March 10, 2024

Known as the King of Latin Trap and a dominant figure in the music world, Bad Bunny made waves in 2022 with a staggering 18 billion streams on Spotify. His hit album Un Verano Sin Ti accounted for over 14 billion of those streams, ranking as Spotify's most streamed album. The artist is not just a streaming sensation but also an award-winning performer with more than 180 honors to his name. Despite a thriving career, the artist recently encountered an issue that led him to take legal measures.

Bad Bunny Takes Legal Steps Against Fan

During his Most Wanted Tour, Bad Bunny discovered that a fan, identified as Eric Guillermo Madronal Garrone, had filmed high-quality footage of his concert and uploaded it to YouTube. The video footage was from a concert in Salt Lake City and was intended for Garrone’s personal YouTube channel. This act prompted Bad Bunny to issue a standard DMCA takedown notice to YouTube, which resulted in the videos being removed—at least temporarily.

From DMCA Notice to Lawsuit

Following the DMCA notice, Garrone initially complied with the request by taking down the videos. However, this compliance was short-lived as he later filed a counterclaim. In response, Bad Bunny proceeded with filing a lawsuit seeking either an injunction against Garrone uploading any more concert footage or compensation. The compensation is estimated at $150,000 for each of the videos originally posted or based on any proven damages incurred by the artist due to the fan's actions.

Bad Bunny's Dedication to His Craft

Amidst this legal battle to protect his work, Bad Bunny shared insights into his musical journey and commitment to his art in an interview. His passion for music dates back to his early years, where he would spend time creating beats and recording music after school. He admits having solely focused on his dream of a music career, with no alternative in view, showing his deep dedication to his craft.

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