Daundry Rocks Cobra Lounge with Indie Punk Vibes Ahead of New Album 'Pria'

Published February 12, 2024

On a recent night at Chicago's Cobra Lounge, the indie-punk trio known as Daundry captured the essence of the city's underground music scene. With a blend of indie grunge and high-energy punk, the band delivered an electrifying performance that had their fans, all 40 of them, moving to the rhythm.

The Sound of Daundry

The show set the stage for Daundry's latest work as they played tracks predominantly from their upcoming album, 'Pria.' The intimate setting of the venue fostered a personal connection between the band and their audience, amplifying the impact of their live performance. Daundry’s music, characterized by a strong instrumental focus, was filled with intricate bass lines, dynamic guitar riffs, and swift drumming that gave rise to fast-paced songs. Despite technical issues with the sound system that made it challenging to hear the vocals clearly, the band's musicality shone through.

A Unique Stage Presence

The band members, Sebastian Jones on drums, Katrina Hildebrandt on bass, and Ian Kloehn on vocals, showed off their skill and creativity on stage. Notably, Hildebrandt utilized a pink toy microphone to produce a feedback effect during the performance of 'Testicular Torsion,' a track from the anticipated album. Meanwhile, Jones's impassioned drumming was a sight to behold, his silver necklace flying with every beat. Kloehn's vocals, although sometimes drowned out, were a perfect melodic complement to the instrumentals when audible.

A Night of Music and Mirth

Deyond their music, Daundry's stage banter and relaxed demeanor added a layer of authenticity to their performance. Deciding on the final two songs in real-time, they engaged with the audience candidly, including Kloehn's humorous admission of nearly burping before a song. Their impromptu decision-making and casual interactions suggested a confident group unfazed by the formalities of traditional performances.

With 'Pria' set to release on February 29, indie and punk enthusiasts have much to look forward to from Daundry. The band's dedication to their craft and easygoing nature at the show hint at a promising future for their music.

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